Fabulous Finds for Friday!


I want to wish you all a happy Friday!
There are so many things to be happy about - don't you agree?

I am happy for many things: my family, my health, and my life in general!

Another thing that makes me happy is food!
In moderation, food can be a wonderful source of happiness.

Today I would like to share some fabulous (food) finds or Friday!

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire


Fabulous Find #1:

Whimsy and Spice

This wonderful Etsy shop has some exciting and interesting sweets. The use of different spices and flavors really make their products unique!

My favorite:

Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies

Fabulous Find #2:

Chez Pim

A unique and exciting Etsy shop! This shop specializes in artisan marmalade - made from exotic fruit grown in the hills of California.

My favorites:

Compote de fraise aux fleurs d'hibiscus

Sanguinello Blood Orange Marmalade

Fabulous Find #3:

Have it Sweet: Confections for a Cause

This sweet shop donates 15-25% of their monthly sales to Kiva (supporting entrepreneurs in the developing world).

My Favorite:

Heavenly Tahitian Vanilla Caramel (you cut your own)

Wipe your drool and hurry to their shops before everything sells out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bethany said...

Thank you so much for featuring our business on your beautiful blog. We appreciate it more than you know.


Noah's Mommy said...

those all look soooo yummy....

Robin@creations-anew.com said...

Earl Grey Cookies..HMMMM...I think the Carmels look devine!!!!! I'm in heaven
As usual...I'm drooling!
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Sue Runyon said...