Showoff Sunday!

Hello - Come on in and visit!

Today, I am pressed for time, so I only have two wonderful items to share with you! Enjoy!

"Cookies are made of butter and love."
-Norwegian Proverb

Hamentaschen Gift Box from Zingermans!

Hamentaschen are wonderful triangle-shaped pastries filled with slightly sweet fillings. They are traditionally eaten as part of the Jewish celebration of Purim, which runs 2/28/10 - 3/1/10.

For those of you that have visited before, you will know that I LOVE Zingermans! The only problem I have: they are not located in my town!! They are my go to for gifts of all kinds. After all, you can never go wrong with food!

"Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold."
-Judith Olney

Assorted Easter Candy from Williams-Sonoma are Easter basket staples in our home.

I usually have to purchase each of these delicious treats individually, but Williams-Sonoma made it easy for me this year and is selling a set of all three! The jelly beans are awesome and with flavors like tangerine, key lime, lemon and pink grapefruit - you can't go wrong! The malted eggs are the best I have ever had and my kids LOVE the sour bunnies!

Williams-Sonoma is another of my favorite shops and I am very lucky to have a Grand Cuisine located in my local mall! (They know me by name!)

Joke of the Day:

How do you get a kleenex to dance? … Put a little boogey in it.

Have a great day and remember: Go Ahead & Indulge!


laura evans/photography said...

mmm candy ... i want me some of those sour apples!

BlueRoomGems said...

Mmmmmm, malted eggs! :)