Salivation Sunday!


This is a little late - but I guess better late, than never!
Enjoy the sights - please don't drool everywhere!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Heirloom Michigan Apples

Tree ripened, extra sweet.
These are some of the best apples I have ever eaten!

From: Zingerman's

Royal Riviera® Pears

Very large and juicy!
One pear will feed two people!

From: Harry and David

Scarlet Navels

Sweet, juicy and delicious!
These navel oranges are gorgeous!

From: Florida Orange

Don't forget to get your servings of fruit in today!

Until tomorrow:
Go Ahead and Indulge!


HeartOnSleeveArt said...

i have an endless supply of citrus all around me! love living in fla! let me know if you ever need some sent to you nikid! those pears look yumm might have to get some for myself! yumm i am def a fruit person

Sue Runyon said...

Those oranges look great!

H20works said...

What do you mean you're late, silly girl, it's still Sunday! ;)

Of course, they are great apples, they're from Michigan!