Fine Art Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy today's fine art selections - I love them all!

Fine Art Friday: 4/15/2011

1.) ACEO Drops of Jupiter I
2.) ACEO Watercolor Original Painting
3.) Earth View 40 ACEO
4.) Cool Harmony
5.) Pipes - ACEO Photography
6.) Abstract Painting - ACEO
7.) Original Abstract ACEO, Distant Hills
8.) Watercolor ACEO Woman Nude

Have a great weekend!!


Mattos said...

thanks so much, gorgeous as always
Brought my watercolors to California, hope I get to play a little.

Brook Noel said...

Oh wow! What a wonderful treat! Thank you so much for sharing my ACEO Drops of Jupiter I. Your selections are beautiful!

Have a great weekend,

Anna said...

Oh wow, I'm so honored to be a part of that wonderful collage of colors! GORGEOUS selections! :D

Elis Cooke said...

great collection! great colours!!!! thanks so much for including my work!

Anonymous said...

This has really blessed me, thanks so much. Off to promote.

donnarose said...


Kat said...

Beautiful! :)

Hand Painted Petals said...

I love fine art, and these are fine pieces! Very nice1