Take Out Thursday!

Hello and Welcome!

I have decided to change the topic for Thursdays. Instead of recipes or specific food features, I am going to feature my favorite restaurants from around the world. The common link among them is that you are able to order takeout!


My hands down, no holds barred, favorite restaurant is Yank Sing! Unfortunately for me, it is located in San Francisco and I live in New York. For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the Bay area I am jealous! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!

I love this restaurant so much that I have asked them to ship me orders via federal express! (which they politely declined.)

Yank Sing specializes in deem sum or dim sum. Dim sum is the name for a Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light dishes served alongside Chinese tea. Yum Cha (literally "drinking tea") is the term used to describe the entire dining experience. It is usually served in the mornings until noon time at Chinese restaurants and at specialty dim sum eateries, such as Yank Sing, where typical dishes are available throughout the day. Dishes come in small portions and may include meat, seafood, and vegetables, as well as desserts and fruit. The items are usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate.

At Yank Sing you are seated and a small card is placed on your table. You can order your beverage of choice and then that is when the FUN begins! Servers walk around the restaurant pushing carts filled with various type of deem sum. They will come up to your table, answer any questions you may have and offer you the selection on their cart. You can pick as many or little deem sum from that particular cart. Once your choices have been made the server takes a small stamp and marks your choices on the card left on your table. Throughout your meal many different carts will make their appearance, offering you A LOT of choices!

- A Yank Sing signature dish of minced Kurobuta Pork, scallion and ginger wrapped and steamed in its own aromatic broth.

- Fragrant and light creamy gelatin of golden ripe mango, served chilled.

Eating at Yank Sing is such a fun experience. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the food is out-of-this-world and the staff is great! The last time my husband and I ate there we spent over 2.5 hours eating, talking and enjoying!

If you get the chance, I highly recommend a meal at Yank Sing!

Until Tomorrow: Go Ahead and Indulge!


Bella Cosa Art said...

hmmm, I may of ate there before, is it in China Town? A friend took me, her family had ate there for a long time.
I love San Francisco, was born in the Bay Area, in the same hospital as my mama.

nikid said...

They have 2 locations: Rincon Center and Stevenson Street.

H20works said...

Yumm! It all looks wonderful! Love San Francisco, it's been a long time since I've been there.

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

Happy New Year Niki,
I am Wishing a full year of Happiness and Success.

I love San Francisco,the last time i was there that was mmm... 20 years ago.maybe it is time plan a trip.