Tasty Tuesday!


I hope everyone is doing well!
We are now in the throes of the Christmas season - is everyone as busy as I am?

Today I would like to feature some tasty goodies that my family and I love!


Gingerbread Coffeecake

This coffeecake's dark, mysterious, gingery flavor will appeal to everyone.

Beyond the usual great base of real butter, flour and fresh eggs, the pastry masters at Zingerman's use an array of ingredients to make this coffeecake. Crystallized and ground ginger, lots of dark molasses, a bit of brewed coffee, a splash of fresh orange juice, Indonesian cinnamon, cloves and Balinese long pepper.

Italian Torrone

This does not last long in our home!

A celebratory tradition since the 15th century, this Italian delight is created by master confectioners who handcraft the soft nougat from prized Piedmontese hazelnuts, almonds, honey and spices. The Pistachio torrone features crunchy pistachio nuts from Bronte, Sicily.

Francis Coppola Diamond Claret

My husband and I love this wine and keep a couple bottles on hand at all times.

Coppola's Claret is always very good, but this year it’s fantastic! It is very lush and smooth, with a great flavor, and lovely aromas. When served with classic dishes such as beef stroganoff, leg of lamb or potato's, you can create a wonderful dining experience.

Italian Cheese Plate

No matter how you serve them, your guests will love the three Italian cheeses in this collection. Robiola Bosina (my favorite) is a soft-ripened cow's and sheep's milk cheese with a mellow cream and wild mushroom flavor. Dolce Gorgonzola is a creamy sweet and salty blue cheese. And Taleggio is a mild, washed-rind cheese with a fruity tang and salt-studded crust.

Until tomorrow: Go Ahead & Indulge!

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