Fabulous Finds for Friday!

Happy Etsy Day!

I have so many finds to share this week and in honor of etsy day, all of them were found in etsy shops!

I am very happy to be able to purchase such wonderful items, from these very talented artisans!

On the one hand, shopping is dependable: You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it; it's instant gratification and yet something you buy may well last for years.
-Judith Krantz

Without further ado, I give you fabulous finds for friday!

iWunder: Hand Knit Items & Dyed Yarns

Simag: Jewelry

Tsurfer: Crafting with Love

A Dorana Design: Original Jewelry & Art Paper

H20 Works: Art Prints, ACEO's, Graphic Design, Cards

Skinz 'N' Hydez: Leather and Silver Designs

Marine's Yarn Works: Crochet & Knit for Yourself & Home

Fairy Lore and More

AsiAsi: A little of this and that

Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.
-Adrienne Gusoff

I hope you find time to celebrate Etsy Day! It is fun for everyone involved!

Go Ahead & Indulge!


H20works said...

Wow! You have such good taste, I love all of your buys!!! We really do have some talent floating around the More Meaningful Gifts forum thread. Thanks for being you, Niki! :o)


Amanda said...

MMGers rock!! awesome purchases!

Fashion Personality said...

I love your great buy, you've great taste! Thanks for sharing. Feel free to visit my blog @ fashionpersonality.blogspot.com.