One of my favorite sites to purchase candy supplies!

Hello, happy tuesday everyone. I was just shopping for candy supplies at one of my favorite sites, chocoley. (click on title for a link to their site) As usual I got carried away and purchased way too many things, oh well I guess it is more incentive to make more candy! After all, easter is just around the corner.

Speaking of easter, my shop and my fellow etsyians shops have wonderful easter basket fillers!!! Check us out!!! http://www.etsy.com.

Yesterday I found out about a little girl named Cora (11 mos.) who passed away three weeks after her parents found out she had a stage 4 cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. You can find out more at their blog, the macs (check out my blog links). Also, on etsy there is a benefit to raise money to build a children's playground in her honor. If you would like to help go here:

Well, my 2 year-old is calling and what Gabriel wants, Gabriel is very insistent on getting! gotta run!!


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