Friday 5 Favorites from Etsy

This clutch from AllisaJacobs is beautiful as well as functional. I am not a clutch type of gal, but I am seriously considering adding this to my purse collection (the poppy brooch is removable)! You should checkout her shop, she does lovely work!

At first glance some people may turn away from this print by ObsoleteWorld, but I find it very fascinating!! The minute I saw it I was compelled to look at it closer... I urge you to do the same. In fact the entire shop is amazing!

 Do I have to say anything about this gorgeous piece of furniture from TheDesignPallet? I do not think so, it's beauty, clean lines and simplicity speaks for itself!

 I own several arrangements from FloresDelSol, and each them have a special place in my home. Her work is beautiful and very well done, you will not be disappointed with anything from her shop!

Last, but certainly not least, is this vintage piece from AMradio. It is very cool looking and functional to boot! If it was green I would have snapped it up in a heart beat!!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Friday 5 from Etsy! Head on over and find some of your own!

Have a great weekend!


Deborah said...

Great collection! That's one of my favorite tables! Love the blog- keep up the good work!

Sue Runyon said...

You have such great taste.

Rose said...

Great shops here today, Niki!

allisa jacobs said...

Thank you so much for including my clutch in this lovely post! You've got a wonderful blog.

xo- allisa

watercolors said...
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watercolors said...

Love your interesting picks. That drawer item is so cool.

All so artsy. Thanks for sharing.

Lou at LouStudio said...

lovely !!
oh how I wish I could shop with abandon

Christina // floresdelsol said...

Thank you so much niki! Your custom order made me "famous". I love that table. Great picks!