Fine Art Friday

Hello & Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week - can you believe we are 6 days into 2012 already? Time has a way of just sneaking up on me, some days that is a good thing, but others it is bad... I find when I need to slow down, looking at art makes me take time to relax and enjoy! I hope you enjoy my selections today!

1.) Original watercolor by HappyAppleBumblebee
2.) Hypnotic circle by WhispersFromTheDeep
3.) Jellyfish by Mikeboston
4.) Starfish by Littlepaintshop


Mattos said...

lovely, been itching myself to get out my watercolors
and I may be starting a new painting series to get me out of my creative slump
and I may be opening a new shop

Originals by Lauren said...

so pretty!

Beth said...