Tasty Tuesday!


I do not have much time today, so a recipe is not feasible. Instead I leave you with some of my favorite, tasty foods! Enjoy!

Turkey Joints

This delectable treat has been a staple in my home since birth. My mother even worked in the candy shop that creates these when she was a teenager!

Yes, the name is misleading, but don't be fooled. The only thing the feathered version and the candy version have in common is the name and perhaps a slight resemblance to each other.

This unique candy was created by, Nora's candy shop, located in my birth city, Rome, NY. They use an old time process and a secret formula to achieve the end result: A decadent chocolate and brazil nut "bone marrow" center that is coated with a delicate, shiny and crunchy sugar "bone" outer shell.

Turkey Joints come in several varieties: Original, Chocolate Covered, and Coco-Monds. They are only available from October through May, get yours while they last!

Stone Crabs

For those of you who like seafood - if you have never tried a stone crab, then you are missing out!!! I love crab to begin with and stone crabs are my favorite!!

For those of you unfamiliar with this tasty food, here is some information about stone crabs:

Name: Stone Crab (Menippe Mercenaria)
Menippe - Greek - meaning force or courage
Mercinaria - Latin - something of value

1.) To assure the survival of the species: Only one claw may be removed so the crab can defend itself.
2.) Egg bearing females are not allowed to be declawed.
3.) The crabs are captured in baited traps. No spears or hooks are allowed.
4.) 4 inches from the first joint to the tip is the minimum legal size, about two oz.
5.) A colossal can weigh 25 ounces or more.
6.) The large crusher claw can exert extreme pressure. As much as 19000 lbs. psi.
7.) Although their massive claws serve as deterrents, it has been reported that the stone crab falls prey to the octopus.
8.) Stone crab season in Florida runs from October 15th to May 15th.
9.) Stone crabs exhibit carnivorous feeding behavior. They have been known to resort to cannibalism while trapped.
10.) The claws make up half the weight of the whole crab, they are removed by carefully grabbing from the rear and twisting.
11.) The crab is returned to water and the claw regenerates.
12.) It takes between 12 to 24 months to reach legal size again.

Since I do not live in Florida anymore I have to have my stone crabs shipped to me. I always order from Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant in Hollywood Florida.

Have a great day and until tomorrow: Go Ahead & Indulge!

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They sound delicious..but you have to get past the name..HEHEHEHE