Terrific Tuesdays Giveaway Winner!


I assigned everyone a number based on the order of your comments.
We had 42 comments! The winner must comment here within 72 hours to claim the prize!

Good Luck!

With out further ado, the winner is:

H20 Works!!

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This is her comment! Thanks Kat!


Your shop is lovely, simple and crisp looking. You've taken great depths to brand yourself and it shows! Your banner, your avatar, your blog, your product images, your business cards & thank you notes all have this same crisp, clean, fresh style.

Your images are stunning, you can tell you take a lot of time and thought to get each to be perfect. Again they are clear, crisp, and in focus. I think that all Etsians could use them as example of what a listing image SHOULD look like.

If I was to change one thing about your shop, it would be to have more listings. And it is not necessary to have more product, just simply repeat the same listings you already have, maybe using a different product image (or even the same one) as your first image. That way you always looked really stocked! I always like to shuffle thru a couple of pages when I go into someone's shop.

If you do this relisting process 1 or 2 listings a day, it keeps your shop always coming up on searches. Hope this helps! :o)


I would like to thank everyone who commented! The feedback was wonderful, I was able to make make almost all the changes that everyone suggested!

Have a wonderful day!


H20works said...

Woohoo!!! I won! I won! I never win anything, and actually I forgot all about the drawing. I love your shop Niki for all the reasons I stated above, because what I've tasted so far has been fantastic, BUT mostly it's because your personality shines through on everything you do!!!


Deslynn said...

Yay Kat!!

FrayBaby said...

yay you! what did you win and can you share with us? LOL

Dorana said...

hi niki! i just wanted to stop in and let you know how amazingly well things are coming along for you! your dedication and excitement are contagious! we're thrilled to have you as a part of our community!

i've awarded you a BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY AWARD for all of your love and support! come check it out!


siempre- dorana