Tasty Thursdays!


I belong to an Etsy team called EEAT (Etsy Edible Arts Team) and every Thursdays post will now be called "Tasty Thursdays!"  

I will be featuring wonderful edible creations from fellow EEAT members.

Enjoy! Just remember not to drool all over your computers, they don't take kindly to water (saliva) damage!!! 

When you look at all the beautiful cookies she has to offer, you will not know which to buy first - in that case take home several dozen!!


This wonderful shop caters to the pets in our lives! So if you have a dog or cat at home and want them to have the best tasting treats around - shop here!!!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your tasty travels inside EEAT! Stop back next week for a look at two more shops!!!

Until then - Go ahead and indulge!