Dear Kid Saturdays!

Dear Son,

I am so sorry you are sick! I wish it was possible to make you feel all better, but all  I can do is listen, try and make you more comfortable and do my best.

I did not wish this upon you and know you are mad at me because I will not let you play with your friends. Someday, maybe someday you will be in the same situation and understand how I feel.

You are a wonderful little man and I want you to play, have fun and grow up to be the best man you possibly can. For today however, you are a sick little boy, who has to listen to his mom and take a nap!!

I love you,



Christina Gleason @ Cutest Kid Ever said...

It's so hard when they're sick. I hope he gets better soon! (What a cute picture you have there!)

Annie Evett said...

Hi - Welcome to Dear Kid Sat - such a wonderful tool...I look forward to following yours...just posted mine - heres my link to mine http://dearpeeps.blogspot.com/2009/03/who-do-you-love-more-mummy.html
Its tough when they are sick and they just don't understand why they are feeling so rotton and aren;t allowed out.